Your time is valuable.

NextUp Care is committed to reducing patient wait times for high demand medical procedures. We are currently focused on improving patient access for diagnostic imaging services, such as MRI and CT scans.

We are building a smart scheduling platform that connects hospitals, physicians and patients to find the nearest facility with the shortest wait time to schedule the earliest appointment for patients.

Your wait time is the time between when a diagnostic scan is ordered and when it is completed.

In Ontario, the wait time target for an outpatient (or Priority 4 access) MRI/CT scan is 28 days.

Smart Algorithms

Optimize advance scheduling and wait list management to offer your patients earlier appointments. Book patients on a first-accept, first-serve basis.

Referral Analytics

Optimize referrals by selecting the nearest hospital with the shortest wait time for your patients. Reduce number of change requests and improve patient satisfaction.

Patient Preferences

Share your preferences with hospitals so they can book the earliest appointment that fits your schedule. Reduce cancellations, no-shows and improve engagement.

Patient Self-Scheduling

Confirm or change your booking directly with hospitals via text or email messages. Reduce phone follow-ups and improve access to care.